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The Gifford lab is committed to creating an inclusive, safe environment where everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity feels welcome and valued. We believe diverse backgrounds and experiences only make us a better team, with far greater potential. 

One of our core values is that we operate as a team. We collaborate openly within our lab through prolific use of Slack and an electronic lab notebook open to all lab members. Our biweekly subgroup meetings include updates from each lab member to ensure everyone is up to speed on our ongoing experiments and troubleshooting. We also contribute to multiple consortia efforts, including NIH-funded GREGoR and IGVF. 

A second, related, core value involves transparency and articulating clear expectations. We have a lab manual* that is updated annually that states expectations for each position on our team. Each quarter, all members, review their 'timeline' document with Casey regarding their short-term (2 and 6 month) and long-term (1 year, career) goals. Frequent review of these topics ensures everyone is in alignment regarding expectations and the steps required to reach mutually agreed upon milestones. 

*The lab manual includes an extended description of these topics and is available upon request. It is sent to each potential trainee and new hire. 

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